kaput smart bot with rodent
"I just wanted to say that your Kaput-D Pocket Gopher Bait is a very good product. We moved into a house on 2.5 acres that we didn't realize was infested with gophers when we bought it. I did a TON of trapping at first, which is very effective as well and leaves no doubt that you got a kill, but it only gets the gophers that come to the surface where the trap is. Your Kaput-D bait is FAR more efficient."
"Thank you for getting me the Kaput Mole Gel. I am thrilled… the moles sure won’t be!"
"Our vole problem was driving us insane! Pest control companies weren't getting it done and they are too expensive so I took matters into my own hands. Kaput® Rat & Mouse is doing the trick and I'm winning against the voles!"
"Imagine my surprise when the lady helping me at the store said, she don’t know the answer to my questions so let’s just call them! Who just calls a manufacturer anymore and expects to get answers right away??? Well, we did! We spoke with the nicest agent who answered all our questions, asked about my situation and offered up several options on what Kaput product to use, how and where to place the bait, and what is the best time of year to get the best results."
"We put the Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait place packs in bait stations near each vole hole we came across. In a very short amount of time, we saw all the damage STOP! A year later, we are still VOLE FREE! This product was easy to use, the Staff gave us excellent advice and support and we give Kaput two enthusiastic thumbs up!"
"I have lived on our ranch in Exeter California for the past 40 years and the one thing I can always count on having is gophers. No matter what I did they always found their way back to my lawn. It wasn’t until I tried Kaput-D Pocket Gopher Bait that really did the trick. The gophers are gone! This team was great to work with and they took the time to follow up and make sure I had everything I needed and checked to see if the product was a success. I can’t thank Mark Jones enough for his time and excellent customer service."
"As a licensed Pest Control Operator, I see all kinds of damage. But nothing compares to the customer I had with voles.This product does exactly what it says! We will stock Kaput Rat and Mouse blocks and place packs… it is so nice to have one product that effectively controls 3 different rodents."
"The gophers were destroying my garden. Everything was being eaten just before it was ready to harvest! SO frustrating! We did exactly as the Staff advised us and this summer, I do believe we will actually be able to eat our own carrots! So far so good, no more damage, no more signs of them. Thank you Kaput!"
"To Megan - I just wanted to express my thanks for hooking me up with T.D. in the Denver area. He was extremely helpful and courteous both on the phone and when I went to pick up your products."