About Our Company

Scimetrics Limited Corp., manufacturers of Kaput products

We strive to provide high quality and innovative pesticide products to the pest control, agriculture, poultry, livestock and retail industries.  Our vision is to drive the pesticide market through the continued research and development of new products, allowing our customers to achieve maximum results for their investment in our products.

We look to conduct our business with quality, integrity and sustainability.  We manufacture highly effective, unique products and treat each customer how we would want to be treated, delivering ethical behavior, real value and quality customer service.

Lower risk to non-targets

Kaput® products provide proven efficacy while minimizing risk to non-targets and pets.  Our first-generation active ingredients leave the system quickly, reducing secondary poisoning, and have a readily available antidote of Vitamin K1.  Other products don’t have an antidote and will kill anything that eats the bait OR the rodent carcass.

Additionally, our products have a lower toxicity level than most other rodent baits, which include acute toxins.

Family owned and American made

The staff of Scimetrics includes world-renowned biologists and humanitarians with more than 50 combined years of experience in rodent control and product formulation.  Our company has worked and researched in more than 60 countries to prove the effectiveness of our products.

Scimetrics is locally owned and operated in Wellington, Colorado with a focus on effective, reduced-risk rodent control.  Our products are made from high-quality, restaurant-grade ingredients in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.