About Our Company

Family owned and American made

The staff of Scimetrics includes world-renowned biologists and humanitarians with more than 100 combined years of experience in rodent control and product formulation.  Our company has worked and researched in more than 60 countries to prove the effectiveness of our products.

Scimetrics is family owned and operated in Wellington, Colorado.

Quality Policy

Scimetrics is committed to making quality products that eliminate rodents and other pest problems while minimizing risk to non-targets, including secondary poisoning. Continually seeking ways to lower the risk to humans, non-target wildlife, and pets.

Quality Objective

Design and produce first generation anticoagulant rodenticides that lower risk to humans, pets, and wildlife while meeting and exceeding Federal, State, and local regulations. Use the highest quality raw materials and technology, creating a superior product for today and the future.

Strategic Direction


Provide high quality and innovative pesticide products to the Pest Control, Agriculture, Poultry, Livestock, and Retail Industries. Our continuation of research and development of new products will drive the rodenticide market, allowing our customers to achieve maximum results for their investment in our products.


Grow our business with quality, integrity, and sustainability. Treat each customer how we would want to be treated, by delivering ethical behavior, real value, quality customer service, and to manufacture highly effective, unique products.


  • Nurture our customer relationships to understand their needs, allowing for mutual growth opportunities.
  • Identify and recognize employee contributions.
  • Develop process improvements for all departments ensuring operating efficiency, quality improvements and reducing expenses to the customer.
  • Lead scientific research to develop new products to meet customers’ needs that are in line with Scimetrics’ quality policy.
  • Customer satisfaction is our goal!