Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog
  • 9 – 16 inches in length
  • Sandy-brown to cinnamon hair with black tips.  Belly color is lighter cream to white.
  • Black or white tips on the tails, depending on breed
  • Can be found on grasslands, rangelands, and short shrub-land habitats. Tend to avoid tall grass, brush or forest like areas
  • Most commonly discovered by raised mounds that lead into the burrows and also serve as observation posts for predators and their vocalizations that have been likened to a barking dog
  • Prairie Dogs are herbivores but have been known to cannibalize the young of others
  • Prairie dogs are also very susceptible to bubonic plague from the fleas they carry which can be passed onto humans thru a flea bite
  • Reproduction begins the Spring after birth, 28 – 32 days gestation period with litters of 4 - 8
  • One litter per year

Scimetrics is offering Stewardship Training Courses in each State our prairie dog baits are registered in.  Contact us today to find out the date for your area. You can Click Here for a link to our new Stewardship Training page!

Kaput-D Prairie Dog Bait (RUP)


Kaput Combo Prairie Dog Bait (RUP)

These are Restricted-Use Pesticides. A state-issued Applicators License is required to purchase these baits.

Before use, please read the EPA Bulletin at or call 1.844.447.3813 for specific guidelines for your area, the entire product label, and follow all use directions and precautions. You must use the EPA Bulletin valid for the month in which you will apply the product.

Kaput®-D Prairie Dog Bait and Kaput Combo Prairie Dog Bait: Place ¼ cup of bait at least 6 inches down prairie dog burrows either by hand or with a mechanical bait placement machine.  Make sure no bait is left on the soil surface.  Applicator must retrieve and dispose of any bait that is spilled above ground or placed less than 6 inches down the burrow entrance.  You MUST use the EPA Bulletin valid for the month in which you will apply the product.

Prairie Dog Damage Examples

Prairie Dog Moundpd

Prairie dog damage Prairie dog damage
Prairie dog bait
Product Name MSDS Specimen Label Packaging Options
Kaput-D Prairie Dog BaitKaput-D Prairie Dog Bait (RUP) Download SDS Download Label 30 lb bucket, 50 lb bag
Kaput-D Prairie Dog BaitKaput-D Combo Prairie Dog Bait (RUP)  Download SDS  Download Label 30 lb bucket, 50 lb bag